The holy kehillah, Judaism and chessed


The holy kehillah (community) of Berditchev

The holy kehillah of Berditchev, led by our rabbi, Hagaon Rabbi Moshe Shmuel Thaler shlita, offers a complete community support bubble for the five hundred Jews of Berditchev. The Jewish community supports all the city’s Jews at all stages of their lives, with a range of Torah, educational, and chessed (acts of kindness) institutions. Each Jew receives the best of the community’s services including any spiritual or physical help which he requires

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The zechus (merit) to be a partner

Be partners in maintaining the Berditchev community in the holy place which is auspicious for great yeshuos (salvation)

Near the holy resting place of Rabbi Levi Yitzchok ben Sara Sasha zy”a of Berditchev.

The zechus (merit) of being partners will stand for you and your families, and you will see great yeshuos, blessing and success, good health and livelihood.

Submitting a kvittel (note) to the holy burial site

Do you want a yeshuah, but you are unable to get to the holy grave, the source of the yeshuos?

You can write the names and requests here, and your name will be said by those praying during the daily tefillah (prayer).

The names and other details are kept confidential!