The synagogue

The Kollel

Educational institutions

Chessed Activities

The Chevra Kaddisha

The Mikveh

Community Services

The holy kehillah of Berditchev, led by our rabbi, Hagaon Rabbi Moshe Shmuel Thaler shlita, offers a complete community support bubble for the five hundred Jews of Berditchev. The Jewish community supports all the city’s Jews at all stages of their lives, with a range of Torah, educational, and chessed (acts of kindness) institutions. Each Jew receives the best of the community’s services including any spiritual or physical help which he requires. And now, as war rages, who doesn’t need help?

The kehillah institutions include:

– The local shul (synagogue), which is active year-round.


The Or Avner School and Preschool – for the Jewish education of Berditchev’s next generation.

– The Tiferet Levi Yitzchok Kollel – for residents of the city who wish to immerse in the waters of the holy Torah.

The Mei Levi Yitzchok Mikveh, a mikveh built to the highest standards of kashrus.

The kehillah’s chessed organization which includes hospitality for visitors, alongside daily chessed for the community members, distribution of food and aid to all the Jewish residents of the city providing whatever they need.

– The Chevra Kaddisha The community has a Chevra Kaddisha for burying the dead.

– Now, during these terrible times, the kehillah concerns itself – with indescribable efforts and huge sums of money – to provide essential humanitarian aid to the community members who find themselves in the middle of a war.


All the prayer services are held each day At the Berditchev community spiritual center, at 5 Chornovola St.

Times for tefillah on weekdays:

Shacharis: 9:30
Minchoh: 16:30

Times for tefillah on Shabbos:

Minchoh on Friday:
Kabbolos Shabbos:

The Holy Tziyun

Hagaon Rav Moshe Shmuel Thaler, as the moro d’asro of Berditchev, is responsible for preserving and operating the holy tziyun, where countless Jews come throughout the year. With total dedication, the rav works around the clock to maintain the holy tziyun, make sure it is safeguarded, and work for the welfare of those who come to pray, that they will be able to approach the gravesite at all hours of the day, every day of the year.

It is no coincidence that the amazing discovery of the original heilege tziyun was by the moro d’asro, with his hands being guided by Heaven – the hands which do not cease working for the holiness of the holy tziyun and the welfare of those who pray there.

As noted, at these times, the tziyun stands almost deserted. Almost no one comes. But it continues to be guarded at great financial cost. Or as the rav defines it: “The costs only rise, but all the donations and income which usually come from the many people who come to pray – no longer exist.”

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